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PERTH magnetic field therapy according to Prof. Dr. Werner

Magnetic fields of a certain intensity and strength can have an effect on the immune system via the pineal gland, which is located in the brain. The melatonin released by the pineal gland in tune with the circadian rhythm influences all endocrine glands. Accordingly, the brain reacts to external and internal magnetic fields with an alteration of the micro-environment of the base substance around the nerve cells, whereby the neuronal paths and core are influenced both in terms of structure and function. Particularly well documented is the influence on the limbic system in the diencephalon, the reticular formation in the brain stem, the cerebellum and the entire vegetative nervous system. The magnetic fields support the anti-serotonin effect of melatonin by increasing melatonin synthesis and they strengthen the defence system via increased sympathetic activity. These physiologically relevant magnetic fields can be applied, for example, with the aid of pulsating energy resonance therapy. This form of therapy can affect several interdependent regulatory systems by directly influencing the pineal gland (or epiphysis). In doing so, the actual value of this special regulatory system is always corrected to achieve the ideal value and thus the control element of other regulatory systems is simultaneously influenced to benefit the organism.

The Pulsating Energy Resonance Therapy System (PERTH) according to Prof. Dr. Werner is energy medicine and the most effective magnetic field therapy system currently available!

In the human body approx. 10 trillion chemical processes which control life processes occur every second. The chemical process delivers a vibration in the low energy range and when this generates resonance at the receptor, it results in an effect. Such vibrations have purely informational effects and do not follow the laws of induction. Our body could be seen as a highly-complicated bio-computer, which follows a kind of polyvalent logic however, and not a binary logic which only works on a “yes/no” basis. Brain cells generate voltage and current when they work. In turn, the current generates an electromagnetic field which has a strength (flux density) of 0.1 – 10 pT (picotesla). This magnetic field is so weak that it is only one millionth of the Earth’s magnetic field. It behaves exactly the same way with the other organs, for example the heart and the eye. Living beings are therefore optimised to function with micro energy.

Pulsating Energy Resonance Therapy Systems imitate field strengths similar to those created by organs in the body – or rather those created by healthy organs. Additionally, pulsating energy resonance therapy imitates the normal action potential currents of the nerves and muscles, which represent body-like signals. Furthermore broad bands of frequencies, a kind of “electromagnetic melody”, are used, as a person constantly creates an unbelievable amount of signals. The information produced by pulsating energy resonance therapy trigger resonance effects at the nerve endings (synapses), cells, tissues and organs. In this way, positive biological effects, such as improved blood circulation, increase in partial oxygen pressure etc. are achieved. Thus, pulsating energy resonance therapy with its extremely low energy is an informational therapy, similar to homeopathy.

Induced Build-Up of Energy

Besides these physiological effects, an even more important aspect of energy medicine with pulsating energy resonance therapy can be noted. It is proven to induce an energy balance in the body and subsequently a build-up of the body’s own energy. The powerful, energy-rich organism is then, of course, in a much better position to regenerate and heal itself because only cells which are rich in energy possess the power for regeneration.

Illness inevitably develops when energy levels drop below approx. 50%. This has been discovered in medical space research. Pulsating energy resonance therapy ultimately works via electromagnetic information (!) and promotes the self-healing properties of the body being treated. An important point should be noted: pulsating energy resonance therapy can be used at home completely safely. Wearers of pacemaker devices, people with epilepsy, cancer and pregnant women can also be treated. However, we recommend treatment is accompanied by medical support

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